About Fund

Drona Capital is an investment advisory firm which seeks long-term capital growth for its clients by pursuing time tested value-investing strategy. It strives to provide sustainable and adequate return on investment at minimal risk.

We have good corporate access and in addition to listening to conference calls, we communicate regularly with Investor relations and management of companies in our portfolio.

Investment decisions are made on the company's historical and operational performance and its proven competitive advantage over a long period of time, often exceeding decades.

Active avoidance of risk is the second key element of the investment decision. A huge emphasis is given to avoid generic ( industry) or company specific risks . Most of the portfolio has negligible debt with consistent operating metrics and well diversified customer and suppler base.

Investment is made only when such high quality businesses are available at a discount to their instrinsic value.

Sector Distribution

IT Services - 9%

Consumer Discretionary - 31%

Industrial goods - 20%

Industrial services - 15%

Financial services - 11%

Healthcare - 7%

Basic materials - 7%