Case Studies


Global leader in providing information and analysis for over a century

Formed when two publisher James McGraw and John Hill merged their publishing company in 1909

Leading brand acquired over time- Standard & Poor (1966), Platt, J.D.Power, Capital IQ

More than 280 offices in 40 countries

The spin-off education business (happened after the share acquisition) providing greater ROI


A global supplier of precision instruments for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications.

Strong worldwide leadership positions in the majority of instruments.

One of the largest global sales and service organisations among precision instrument companies.

"The Mettler Balance" - single-pan balance was invented by Dr. Erhard Mettler in 1945.

In 1973, the company introduced the first-ever fully electronic precision balance

1989, METTLER acquired TOLEDO Scale Corporation, the largest US manufacturer of industrial and retail scales - Henry Theobald, had launched automatic weight and price display in 1901

METTLER TOLEDO is geographically diversified, with sales in 2008 derived 43% from Europe, 35% from the Americas and 22% from Asia and other countries


C.H. Robinson was founded in 1912 and holds a dominant position in third party logistics space in America

Contractual relationship with over 63,000 transportation and 46,000 active customers

Low capital intensive business operating in a stable and growing industry

High revenue and earnings growth rates of over 15% since inception and operating margin consistently over 5%

Unique operating model with a network of 250 offices spread across the country

Well diversified customer base in varied industries with negligible customer or supplier risk